Keyword Search (Desktop)

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

The quickest way to find Accounts (e.g. customers, prospects) is using the Keyword search. The Keyword search is available in the main nav bar from the Home screen and all activity lists. You can also pull a list of Accounts based on specific search criteria by creating an advanced Account search. Searching by only prospects or customers can also be done with an advanced account search.

  • The upper left search field on the Handle Home Screen is referred to as Keyword Search
  • This field searches several fields in the Accounts to give you a ‘GOOGLEâ„¢’ Search Engine like experience. It will accept letters and numbers, and there’s no need for special characters or punctuation.
  • You can use the Keyword search field to search by: Company, FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, Account#, County, City, Zip, WorkPhone, AltPhone, CellPhone, HomePhone
  • Selecting ‘All’ or ‘Assigned’ will control which matching results are returned. All matching results from the database, or only accounts you are assigned to.
  • This field does not allow typing of special characters, as these are ignored when returning results.
    • Searching for “Truck” will return results like:
      • Jerry’s Trucking Company
      • USA Truck Services
      • Truck Services Inc.
    • If you’re looking for AB&C Construction:
      • Search for “ABC”
      • Do not use “AB&C” and do not use “AB C”
      • If searching for “ABC” produces too many unwanted results, search for “ABC Co” instead.
customertraxKeyword Search (Desktop)