LDAP / OAuth

customertrax 6. Integrations

Your users have so many usernames and passwords to remember; this can be a headache for admins and users alike. Handle includes a number of options to authenticate with Handle and mobile apps. Giving users the option to use account credentials they’re already familiar with. Contact support to discuss setting up one of the following options.

  • Active Directory : Using LDAP authentication services, you can control access to Handle with an AD security group or by disabling the AD user object. Handle will use Windows domain credentials to authenticate users in Handle. This gives the IT manager easy control during separation or turn over. This needs to be configured at an organizational level, but can be turned on/off per user.


  • OpenID : If enabled, user can tie their Handle account to Google™ or Yahoo™ and use these credentials instead of remembering a separate one for Handle. This ‘provider access’ can be controlled/removed in their respective Google or Yahoo account settings.


Note: Enabling OpenID sign in to Google does not automatically sync your calendar/contacts as mentioned in THIS article. This needs to be set up separately.

customertraxLDAP / OAuth