Linking activities

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Duplicate data entry is inefficient and prone to error. At best, copying and pasting information from one system to another is slow and monotonous. Having to retype information can cost you more than just time. Accurate information could be lost, or worse yet, entire deals could be lost because of errors.

Linking items in Handle minimizes data entry. The ability to add and view these relationships increases the quality of information and reduces time, frustration, and mistakes. Any link (or relationship from another form) can be added to any form. Linking activities on mobile apps is another way to minimize data entry while on the go.

> Example

Linking Activities

From inside of an Activity (Sales Call, Opportunity, Case, etc) relationship groups display a linking control.

Two ways to link

  1. Type-ahead – most accurate, display filtered results
  2. Drop-down – 10 suggested links, works best if there are not many items or title/description is unknown


customertraxLinking activities