Linking and copying from existing JDQuotes

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Associate / Linking Quotes

  • Link existing quotes to an opportunity
    • Type-ahead search
    • Select drop-down to view possible JDQuotes. Drop-down displays:
      • Quotes already linked to the Account
      • All unlinked quotes not associated with an Account
        • These items will state “No D.B.S” and display the CKC Name and ID from JDQuote
      • If Owner does not match Sales Rep from JDQuote, Sales Rep will be displayed
    • Both type-ahead and drop-down list are based on user access

*Once an unlinked quote is linked to a Handle Account (Identify and review unlinked quotes), it cannot be linked to another Handle Account, but it can be linked to opportunities, calls, or other activities within the linked account.

Create new JDQuote from template – Copy Master/Active

  1. Open a New JDQuote
  2. Create a duplicate copy of JDQuote in Handle to make a second version of quote while retaining the original. Select, “Master” or “Active”
  3. Next, enter in the search information to look for the master or active quote. You can also leave the information blank and select the magnifying glass to search for all
  4. Select the Quote
  5. Once you hit okay, a copy of the quote will be created, saved and you will be brought to JDQuote.
    Note: there may be a slight delay before this information appears on your screen.
customertraxLinking and copying from existing JDQuotes