Mobile Advanced Inventory Search (v1.16)

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The Handle Inventory app has filters and a keyword search for quick searches. Many times users need to be more specific in their searches. CustomerTRAX has added the desktop advanced searching capabilities to the mobile inventory app (phone and tablet).

Keyword search

  1. To begin searching tap in the search bar
  2. The keyword search is activated
    1. Here you can search by several commonly used fields (Make, Model, Serial #, and Reg. #)

Advanced Search

  1. Tap below in the Advanced Search builder to do more complex searches
    1. This works independently of the keyword search

  2. Add Fields
    1. Select one or multiple fields

  3. Tap ‘Edit’ to remove fields or change the order

  5. Change Operator
    1. Operator will depend on field type
      1. Text fields = Exclude, Equal, Contains, Starts with…
      2. Numeric fields = Greater than, Less than…

  6. Pre-loaded lists
    1. Some fields have ‘Lists’ to pick from pre-loaded values
    2. Tap ‘List’
    3. Choose Values

  7. Enter one or more values into the search fields
    1. If there are more values than are visible in field, you can scroll or swipe to the side to see all entered values
    2. Tap the ‘x’ to remove values
    3. Tap into search field to edit or add new values

Search Results

  1. List (phone only)
  2. Grid

Saved Search

  1. Create a saved search to retrieve and use later

  3. Access Saved Searches from the ‘Saved’ tab
    1. Saved Searches are synchronized and will be available on any device you use (Desktop, phone, tablet)
  4. Edit – Saved Search
    1. When you make changes to a saved search ( add/remove fields, edit values, change operators), the changes will ONLY exist locally on that device
    2. Edited saved searches will be indicated in the saved search name with * (asterisks)
    3. If you want to save these changes you will need to select ‘Save’
      1. The saved search name will default to the current search; so you can save over the existing search
      2. Enter a different name to create a new search


The tablet app has all of the same functionality as the phone version, with the advanced search features located in a slide out menu on the left.

From the grid view with advanced search collapsed, you can select Saved Searches from popup list.


customertraxMobile Advanced Inventory Search (v1.16)