Mobile Inventory – Show/hide costs

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When discussing inventory with a customer, you can configure your views to show or hide costs. When ‘Costs’ are hidden, they will be removed from the following views:

  1. Search results grid
  2. Stock unit detail – Pricing group
  3. Stock unit detail – Spec lines group

To change view, go to Settings in the sidebar menu.

On the Preferences screen, toggle Show/hide to preferred configuration.


If not customized, these are the defaults for the show/hide toggle.

BaseCost, AttachmentsCost, OptionsCost, AddOnsCost, AfterSaleCost, TotalCost, SalePrice, InvoiceCost, DiscOverallowAmt

SalePrice, MIMSalesCost, HighMargin, LowMargin, RecalculatedSalesCosts, MDPCost, EquipmentCost, AdditionalCost, CostOfSale, TotalCost, DiscOverallowAmt, InvoiceCost

OriginalCost, AdjustedCost, MaintenanceExpense, EstimatedCost, NetCost, InvoiceAmount, TotalCost, Cost field in Spec Lines

customertraxMobile Inventory – Show/hide costs