Mobile Mapping and Routing

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

Map account locations using keyword search or selecting a saved list on mobile. Note: iOS 10 Location Services require a secure connection (https/ssl).
Access your saved search list by :

  1. Tapping search bar
  2. Select desired saved search

Select Accounts from list

  • Individually select accounts
  • “Check All” will select all accounts in list
  • Tap “Map” to send account locations to map
    • Map location is based on the selected location in Handle web (desktop)

All selected accounts are displayed on map.

  1. Tap “Create Route” to enable direction routing
  2. Tap each account in the order of visits
  3. Tap “Compose Route”

Route will display with directions listed.

  • To send to map app tap “Navigate”
  • Default Map app is defined in General setting
customertraxMobile Mapping and Routing