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Your customers are demanding more face time but the information they need is in the office. Make it easy for your team to access customer profile data from anywhere, update their status using voice to text, and instantly share with other team members. You can also give them access to the inventory, pricing, marketing, and quote data they need – preventing trips back to the office.

Mobile Navigation

  1. Downloading the Mobile App
  2. Home Screen Basics
  3. Account Screen
  4. Saved search list
  5. Adding Prospects
  6. Creating Activities (calls, opportunities, etc.)
  7. Add Media: Photo, Video, Audio
  8. Linking Activities
  9. Quoting
  10. Mapping and Routing
  11. Offline Access


  1. Adding Inventory notes/memos
  2. Stock Unit details
  3. Marking units sold
  4. Inventory- show/hide costs
  5. Offline- Inventory saved List
  6. Advanced Inventory search
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