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Support With CRM

There’s no single right way to use CRM software, and every organization adapts CRM to fit their needs. When a company uses it successfully, they find novel approaches to get the most out of the software, empowering employees and customers alike. One such company is AHW, which we’ve been working … CONTINUE READING


Maximizing New Media

LinkedIn has over 467 million members, and seemingly infinite ways to connect. But if your profile isn’t strong or engaging, you’re missing out on many opportunities to be … CONTINUE READING


The 5th Pillar of CRM Adoption

We’re nearing the finishing line with our discussion of the “Six Pillars of CRM Adoption.” The first four pillars have been aimed largely at aligning organizational leadership with regards to the purpose and goals of CRM implementation. Now, we need to take a hard … CONTINUE READING

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customertraxNewsletter | August 2017