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The New Handle 2.0

At CustomerTRAX, we are constantly focused on developing the best customer relations management service for our clients. We listen to the improvements you ask us to implement, because we want to create CRM software that works for you. The goal of any CRM software is to increase the efficiency and performance of the businesses that use it, and this is a goal we also apply to ourselves … CONTINUE READING


Managing Opportunities From Day 1

At CustomerTRAX, we use the Handle system to categorize every aspect of customer relationship management. Each Handle represents a crucial part of the process of gaining new customers and selling more to existing ones. One of the most important grips in the CustomerTRAX suite is Opportunity Management. This Handle allows you to track and manage the potential sales from the first point of contact … CONTINUE READING


Does Your Company Track or Develop?

Implementing customer relationship management software requires a lot of work from a company beyond learning the programs and encouraging participation. At CustomerTRAX, we think that maybe the most important aspect of successful CRM use is becoming a “developer” rather than a “tracker.” This means using CRM software to look forward rather than backward … CONTINUE READING

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customertraxNewsletter | February 2017