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Simplify Your CRM

CRM software was created to streamline the management of interactions between a business and its clients. Rather than scribbling down a new prospect’s contact information on a napkin (or even putting it into an Excel spreadsheet), you can use a CRM to simplify the whole process. After all, the … CONTINUE READING


Why Wooing Customers Is Important

Wooing customers is tricky. They play hard to get, and more often than not, YOU have to go to them. That’s what they expect, whether they realize it or not. Is it sounding like a relationship yet? It should, because in a way, it kind of is. Business is all about relationships and … CONTINUE READING


CRM Software That Helps You Handle Accounts

Do you need a ‘Handle’ on account management? Our customer relations management (CRM) software is called Handle, and it has a lot of features that will make your life a lot … CONTINUE READING

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customertraxNewsletter | January 2017