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6 CRM Insights

When it comes to CRM adoption, the difference between highly successful and simply average organizations is small. Like an Olympic 100–yard sprint, the gap between the companies that end up on the medal stand and those that end up forgotten can come down to a few tiny mistakes. Some mistakes crop up quite often, and we’d like to tackle a few of those errors … CONTINUE READING


The 6 Pillars of CRM Adoption: Part 4

Exploring the six pillars of CRM adoption, we’ve spoken about process, strategy, and routine. This month, we’ll be taking a look at the fourth pillar: results. This step is crucial for making sure the leadership team of your organization is aligned prior to implementation throughout the entire company. During this process, it’s important to hammer down exactly what you want to achieve, and how you … CONTINUE READING


Goofy, or Genius?

When you see a “mad scientist” on TV, chances are the character is based at least a little on Nikola Tesla. Tesla was an inventor and engineer who worked around the turn of the last century, and he was a brilliant — if kooky — man. Although Tesla is known for his pioneering work in many fields, his best–known invention … CONTINUE READING

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customertraxNewsletter | July 2017