Newsletter | March 2017

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Growth Through Raised Awareness

When a business makes the decision to implement CRM software, they always have one objective in mind: to grow their market share while maintaining profitability. Without a tactical plan that identifies specific steps to achieve growth … CONTINUE READING


Turn Customers Into Fans

All businesses strive to create relationships with their customers that go beyond simple transactions. When people feel connected to a business, they become not just loyal customers, but avid fans. This, in turn, attracts new eyes to your business because people want to share in the excitement. But how do you turn customers … CONTINUE READING


Find a Target, Hit a Bull’s Eye

When it comes to marketing and customer relationships, casting the widest possible net is not the way to catch the most fish. Every marketing expert will tell you that you need to target those who are most likely to respond and provide you with new business. CustomerTRAX’s Handle software has … CONTINUE READING

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customertraxNewsletter | March 2017