Offline Access – Mobile

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

Any saved searches can be made available offline in the Handle CRM app (iOS and Android). To view or edit any items while offline** they must be part of a saved search and enabled on your mobile device.

Select the search box in the mobile app

  • Search account by keyword.
    • Offline keyword search will only return results for items that have Enabled offline access
  • View a list of saved searches created in the desktop version of Handle.
    • Select “Enable” to start synchronizing any of them offline.
    • To update offline lists you must tap the refresh button or choose to sync all from the offline preferences screen. They currently do not update automatically or on a set schedule.

Suggested saved searches:

  • Assigned accounts
  • Overdue assigned accounts
  • Active opportunities
  • Active calls, tasks, notes etc.

**While offline, Handle will only display items that are in a saved search ‘Enabled’ for offline. That means if you have a search for “My assigned accounts” enabled, you will have access to all of the account details for that account (e.g. Details, Locations, Assignments, etc. ), but not the account activity. If you would like to see the Sales Calls, Opportunities, etc. you will need to enable searches for these items as well. We have pre-loaded searches for all activities with Active and Complete; so you can quickly enable each one and only sync the information you need.

Using the app offline

Offline indicators display at the top of the screen when device is offline and when new items are created offline. You can create calls, notes, etc. when offline for any accounts you are synchronizing.

customertraxOffline Access – Mobile