Opportunity Linking

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Duplicate data entry is inefficient and prone to error. At best, copying and pasting information from one system to another is slow and monotonous. Having to retype information can cost you more than just time. Accurate information could be lost, or worse yet, entire deals could be lost because of errors.

Linking items in Handle minimizes data entry. The ability to add and view these relationships increases the quality of information and reduces time, frustration, and mistakes.

Linking inventory to existing opportunities

There’s two quick ways you can link stock units to Opportunities you’ve just created or may already have in progress.

  • Search by StockNo or PID from the opportunity screen

  • Check one or multiple boxes from Inventory search results, click the ‘link’ (Looks like a chain link) button from the options above the search grid. This will display a list of active opportunities that you are the owner of.

Linking existing quotes to existing opportunities

We highly recommend all dealers start the opportunity first then create the quote. There are times the quote already existed and needs to be linked.

  • From the opportunity screen you can click [Link], this will allow you to search for active or expired quotes, either by salesman name or by customer. *A John Deere quote can only be linked to one opportunity at a time.

  • When clicking the JDQuote ID on a linked form, it will open a new tab taking you directly to the JDQuote2 application.


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