Opportunity Management

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After identifying an opportunity, there may be many steps leading up to closing a sale. Additionally, there can be several more to deliver what is sold. One of the key places a CRM can provide value to an organization is to ensure processes are followed and things do not slip through the cracks. We have updated Handle CRM to be able to identify opportunities and follow them through the entire process to closure. The opportunity example below will illustrate how this can be done.

Every Opportunity or Deal has several steps. These steps may involve other team members and/or departments. The Handle forms builder allows us to integrate those other steps as action items on the right side of the screen. For example, let’s say the next step in the process is to assess or appraise a trade-in. Once complete, you need to quote the new equipment, schedule pickup and delivery, and create a quick invoice/PO to get a signature. Any of these steps can be triggered by clicking “New” to the right of the item.

The forms that display can be customized to fit your requirements with the functionality listed below. Process approval can be put in place by limiting users ability to change fields. For example, a common request is to have all service and delivery requests sent to the appropriate department but only allow them to confirm and schedule. Once scheduled the appropriate parties are notified. Mobile team members completing the requested work can update the status on their mobile devices, enter any relevant notes, and automatically notify anyone who needs to know.

*Handle CRM can support any custom forms in your process.

  • Linking – Link existing items to minimize data entry e.g. equipment records
  • Fields – Add and remove any type of field to collect the data you need
  • Security – Field level security to decide who can view and edit specific fields
  • Copy – Duplicate items to minimize data entry by only changing what you need
  • Quick Add – Quickly add additional info with small version forms containing only critical info
  • Autofill – When creating a delivery from a quote, auto transfer the relevant information
  • Notifications – Select any team member’s name to send them a summary of whatever you are entering
  • PDF Print – Transfer what you need from the forms to a printable PDF to gather signatures or provide copies
  • Share – Email a quick link to whatever you are working on
  • Media – Link photos, audio, and video to any forms
  • Documents – Attach any file in any format to keep track of additional information

Handle CRM searching capabilities allow you to create lists of the opportunities (or any other items you manage above) you or your team is responsible for. The lists can be saved for easy access and review, automatically scheduled for delivery via email, and downloaded offline on mobile devices.

Tactical Steps:

  1. Create a new deal as opportunities are identified
  2. Track units customers want to buy
  3. Review active deals
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