Opportunity Reporting

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You’re encouraged, or even required to forecast your pipeline–what is your expected closure? Non-existent, inaccurate, or outdated information makes this a guessing game. Even recalling what deals you’ve worked on can be challenging.

Making informed decisions with all the information for past, present, and future deals is much easier with Handle Advanced Search. Salesman and managers have the power to pull current, accurate information and further filter results to get a customized view of the data.

My active opportunities

  • The easiest way to see your in-progress sales Opportunities is to use the pre-loaded “My Open” saved search in the Opportunities search screen. “My Open” and “My Closed” are loaded automatically for all users.
  • You can refine and customize your Opportunity search using the advanced search fields and customize your grid. This will list your Opportunities.

Reviewing other’s opportunities

If you are a manager or have been given permission to view other team member opportunities, you can do so by searching with the [Owner] field.

Reviewing Salesperson’s Active Deals

  1. Using the Activity search or Opportunity search, you can create lists of active opportunities/deals.
  2. Adding fields like [Owner], [Status], [Close Date], and [Quoted] give you the flexibility to create exactly the list you need to review and for yourself or with a Salesman.
  3. Customizing the results grid allows you to control what information you want to see and sort it to what works best for you.

Scheduling automatic delivery of reports

If you’ve read any of our articles or consulted with CustomerTRAX on opportunity management, you’ll know we highly recommend reviewing opportunities with your manager or with your team. Saved searches are an easy way to pull this information for these discussions. Now we have created a way for those saved searches to be emailed to you.

Read More about scheduling saved search to be delivered to you automatically.

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