Mileage Tracking

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Track your mileage while on the go using the Handle mobile apps. Link the trip to a Sales Call, Opportunity, Trade Assessment, or anything else it is related to. You can then pull lists and total your mileage for that day, month, or year. Easily print off lists and quickly getreimbursed for expense.    

customertraxMileage Tracking

Employee Review

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Coach your team to success by discussing yearly performance objectives, leadership qualities, company values, successful behaviors. Set Career development plans, goals, and review them quarterly to keep everyone on track. By setting goals and reviewing progress on a regular basis, everyone knows what is expected and what needs to be done. It will eliminate surprises and allow managers to provide …

customertraxEmployee Review

Customer Experience Survey

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Contact Customers and discuss their satisfaction around deliveries, service work, recent purchases, etc. This form allows you grade each question and record notes or responses. These are tied to the Customers record in Handle and can be associated with Sales Calls, Opportunities, Deliveries or any form.     The default questions and answers can be customized for Platinum dealers.   …

customertraxCustomer Experience Survey

Desktop Update v1.9

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New Functionality Add participants to a new or existing Target from any Handle search Add email addresses to a new or existing MailChimp campaign from any Handle Automated Searching – real-time Trade Matching Administration Portal (Handle 2.0) Overview Administration Portal User settings & configuration JDSC (Sales Center) Integration for AU/NZ Dealers (note: will not be available until JD services are …

customertraxDesktop Update v1.9

Dynamic Date Range Operator

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If you are constantly typing in date ranges to run reports on specific weeks or months of activity, the dynamic range operator will greatly benefit you. These searches run over a specific period of time, such as a month or week, but it always calculates results based on Today’s date. This means you do not have to manually change or …

customertraxDynamic Date Range Operator

Automated trade matching (Searching)

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Opportunities are designed to track any potential sale. Many times, you may not have exactly what the customer is looking for. The Searching form is the way to keep track of detailed specifications and be automatically notified of potential matches. To access this form click on the [+] icon next to the search bar and select “Searching” Create search criteria …

customertraxAutomated trade matching (Searching)

Send to MailChimp

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Any search you perform in Handle can be used to send email addresses to a new or existing MailChimp campaign This will send the email address in the linked Account to the MailChimp list.(Sending Handle Contacts not available at this time)Enabling this feature requires that you have an existing/active MailChimp account.Each Handle user can be tied to a specific MailChimp …

customertraxSend to MailChimp

Export to Target

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You can perform a search on any information you are collecting or entering, any of those searches can be added to Target. For example, you may want to generate a list of customers and prospects that have expressed interest in a certain product and reach out to them. Searching opportunities or a keyword search against sales calls would allow you …

customertraxExport to Target