Admin Tools- Update Basic Profile Information/ Reset User Password

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Reset users password Login to Admin Tools Locate the user Filter by first name/last name Use the search field in the top right corner Click on the user to open the file Click on the Profile tab  Under password click in the field and enter in new password Select Save Update users first/last Name Login to Admin Tools Locate the …

customertraxAdmin Tools- Update Basic Profile Information/ Reset User Password

Importing prospect lists from any source

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Manual Import With the help of our support team, prospects can be uploaded into handle and utilized in targets. Account clean up efforts are a common but time consuming problem most dealers face, we highly recommend reviewing data you want to import to prevent duplication. There are several important guidelines to follow to reduce duplicates. No account duplication verification will …

customertraxImporting prospect lists from any source

Searching and Saving Lists

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Create a search Select search criteria Enter field values Search View results and adjust display Save search for later user Pick the module you want to search Field options Add fields Reorder Remove (hover over field for [x] to appear) Search criteria Pre-populated lists are available for certain fields Refine search results with Search Operators Numeric range operator Dynamic range operator …

customertraxSearching and Saving Lists

Account Groups

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Organizations are becoming more complex. Keeping financials in order in the business system is often separate than how organizations are structured in the real world. If a single farm operates under several corporations or if there is a group of individuals that are tied together, with different companies, it can become very hard to track activity from all parties, and …

customertraxAccount Groups

Account/Prospect Merge

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Business system Accounts are synced to Handle. When Accounts are cleaned up (Merged, Deleted, Consolidated) in the business system, Handle will not automatically reflect those changes. Handle will turn those records in ‘Prospects’. Those Prospects will need to be merged or archived in Handle. If you are configured with permission to do so, you can merge a Prospect record into …

customertraxAccount/Prospect Merge

Newsletter | August 2017

customertrax Newsletters

  Support With CRM There’s no single right way to use CRM software, and every organization adapts CRM to fit their needs. When a company uses it successfully, they find novel approaches to get the most out of the software, empowering employees and customers alike. One such company is AHW, which we’ve been working … CONTINUE READING Maximizing New Media …

customertraxNewsletter | August 2017

Adding Prospects on Mobile

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Potential customers and opportunities often happen long before the customer is entered into the business system. You need to capture key information and activity on someone you’re potentially going to do business with quickly. With Handle, you can track this information before it hits the business system. Later, as the deal progresses, you can merge all of this prospects information …

customertraxAdding Prospects on Mobile

Mobile Navigation

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Your customers are demanding more face time but the information they need is in the office. Make it easy for your team to access customer profile data from anywhere, update their status using voice to text, and instantly share with other team members. You can also give them access to the inventory, pricing, marketing, and quote data they need – …

customertraxMobile Navigation

Downloading the Mobile App

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  Easily find and update information on the go with Handle’s Inventory and CRM apps. Features include access to saved searches, voice-to-text, inventory pricing, and account mapping. These apps are available for both iOS and Android. IOS (Apple) Setup Download the app from the App Store Select settings by pressing the ‘gear icon’ Update server to the Handle URL specific …

customertraxDownloading the Mobile App

Admin Tools- Manager Access,User Activity, Management Notes

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Manager access to view/edit other users Setting up managers with the ability to view and edit other users can now quickly be done with the new edit all feature. The edit all feature allows the manager access to view/edit all entities of the selected users. Login to Admin Tools Locate the manager Filter by first name/last name Use the search …

customertraxAdmin Tools- Manager Access,User Activity, Management Notes