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Share any item in Handle (desktop or mobile) with a ‘customer safe’ PDF that you can print or email.

Printing has always been available in Handle, but this new PDF print feature allows for better company branding and flexibility to display and share only specific information with customer and partners.


Convert any form to a printable template without re-entering data.


  1. PDF will only display fields that have values entered
  2. Relationships will display in printout. For example, Account Equipment will display on Account print
  3. The PDF can display your company logo. Logo will need to be submitted in one of the following formats:
    1. Bitmap (.jpg, .png) 150px in height at 300dpi
    2. Vector (.pdf, .svg, .ai)
  4. Default filename – { FormType }_{ Date }_{ AccountName }_{ FormTitle }.pdf [Pending Release]
    1. ex. “Opportunity_6282016_ABC Company_Special Promotion.pdf”



On your mobile device, capture photos (e.g. for Account Equipment or Trade Appraisals), then share with customers, partners, or team members.




customertraxPDF Share & Print