PFW 2way Updates (BSI)

customertrax 6. Integrations

Entering customer information into multiple systems is cumbersome and leads to conflicting and outdated data.

Updating information in Handle is simple, and it syncs with your business system. New information and updates only need to be entered once, and it will be up-to-date in all systems.

Depending on CDKs workload and current projects at any given time, if you do not have BSI service currently, you should request this as soon as possible.


  • Edit Account fields in Handle.
  • Add/Edit Account Equipment.
  • Add/Edit contacts linked to an Account.


Inventory – Stock Unit

You can create stock units, edit stock unit info, update status, and enter notes which will synchronize with your business system. Handle has the ability to update many fields on a stock unit record, and these updates will write back to your business system. Based on your dealership’s preference and configuration, fields you can update will be indicated with a grey background.

  • View work orders directly in Handle.
  • Create new stock unit. (Disabled by default)
  • Edit Stock Unit fields in Handle. (will write back to PFW)
  • Update Stock Unit status’. (Invoiced is not able to be changed from Handle)
  • Add Memo to stock unit.
  • Editing rights are turned off by default
  • Editing rights can be configured per field & per user

Creating Stock Units

Handle has the ability to add stock units to your business system, which will generate a new stock number. Contact CustomerTRAX to discuss requirements and configuration prior to enabling this feature.

customertraxPFW 2way Updates (BSI)