Request and approval process

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To streamline your request-approval process and eliminate unnecessary back and forth, Handle uses a status field to control where requests are at in the process.

Any form (Service Request, Delivery Request, Opportunity) can be configured with custom status values to fit your process. Commonly, we see some variations of the following status’:

  1. Pending
  2. Requested
  3. Active
  4. Complete

Status changes can be restricted per user; so specified managers can be the only ones that can move to Active. Once these items are configured, select team members will need to create saved lists. Saved lists are typically created based on status. For example, creating a list of pending delivery requests gives you access to everything that needs to be scheduled.

You can pull these lists any time on desktop or mobile to review items that need to be approved.

  • Select the items in the results grid to view details and make changes
  • Select multiple rows to mass edit and change status

Schedule automated report delivery to receive email on new approval items.


customertraxRequest and approval process