Update JDQuote details in Handle

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Now you can update information on JDQuotes you just created or existing quotes you own that have been synced in to Handle on desktop orĀ mobile. Click on the blue Quote ID link to jump directly to the quote on JDQuote2 site.

Review/edit from the account tab

  1. Search for the account
  2. Open the account file
  3. On the left side, select the Quote to open
  4. Edit information- this will push back to JDQuote
    1. Expiration Date
    2. Owner (Sales Rep)
    3. Status
  5. Save & Close

Review/edit from Activity Reports or JDQuote tab

  1. Select the Activity tab/JDQuote
  2. Fill out the search criteria from:
    1. Activity
      1. Entity type= Quote
      2. Add additional filters for desired results
    2. JDQuote
      1. Select a default saved search
      2. Add search criteria
  3. Select search
  4. To easily access this report again, create a saved search.
  5. Review all quote information, to edit a quote:
    1. Select the Quote
    2. Edit the information,this will push back to JDQuote
    3. Save
customertraxUpdate JDQuote details in Handle