Scheduling a follow-up call

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Scheduling a Sales Call for follow-up

  • Calls are either ‘Open’ or ‘Completed’, indicated by the ‘Complete’ check box. Once a call has been marked Complete it cannot be modified.
  • Leaving Calls open allows you to continue to add notes or reschedule to a later date.
  • Note every touch point with a customer needs to be completed. You can continue to use the same call until the conversation is complete.
  • Whether creating a new call or modifying an existing call, you can schedule by using the date controls. The default duration is one hour, you can adjust as needed.
  • You can easily jump the date forward with new +week and +month options.
  • On the Calendar screen, open calls can be moved or rescheduled by dragging and dropping. Completed calls (grey) cannot be moved.
  • Handle Sales Calls and Tasks can be synced with Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) or Gmail calendars. Once synced, scheduled items will inherit your personal default reminder settings.
  • Changes made in Outlook or Gmail will sync back and update Handle scheduled items.
customertraxScheduling a follow-up call