Scheduling and Recording Calls

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Any conversation that moves a sale forward is considered a sales call. The details of this conversation should be captured, so important details are not lost. Additionally, further solutions can be gained from the insights gathered during the call.

Important note when scheduling sales calls: Calls are either ‘Open’ or ‘Completed’, indicated by the ‘Complete’ check box. Once a call has been marked Complete it cannot be modified. Leaving Calls open allows you to continue to add notes or reschedule to a later date.

There are several ways to create a sales call or other entities on a customer’s account.

Creating a call from the home screen

  1. Click the [+] button to see the Create New options
  2. Select the activity you’d like to create
  3. Enter the Account name in the “Account” field
    1. As you type, it will search ahead and show results
  4. Select the Account that you would like to create a Sales Call for

Creating activities from an account

  1. Click on the [+] button in the Navigation Menu to create a Sales Call
  2. If not already selected, click the activity menu in the top left corner to open the drop down.
    1. Sales Calls are created by default, but this can be changed.
  3. Select the activity you’d like to create.

Creating a call with quick entry screen

  1. Click [New] to the right of a group in the account screen.
customertraxScheduling and Recording Calls