Search Results – Smart Grid

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

When looking at any of your lists (Account, Activity, Opportunities, etc.) the results are displayed through the Handle smart grid, which can be customized per Saved search to display only the information you need, in the order you want it.

Smart Grid Customization

Organize each list precisely how you need it to make informed decisions quickly.

  • Each saved list can have a unique smart grid customization.

Customizations can be done directly in the grid headers

  1. Sort by clicking anywhere in the header column
  2. Reorder by dragging and dropping column
  3. Adjust width with mouse between column headers, click and drag
  4. Hide by clicking the red button with ‘x’

  5. Open configuration window by selecting the settings icon
    1. Show/Hide columns by checking and unchecking columns
    2. Reorder by clicking column label to select field and then use the up/down arrows

Smart Grids are also available in activity groups. Group grids are saved automatically per instance. For example, the Opportunity grid on the Account screen can be configured differently than the Opportunity grid on the Sales Call screen.

Smart Grid Actions

Select one or more items to take action. Actions available will depend on the list information and user rights.

  1. Map
  2. Totals
  3. Edit
  4. Archive
  5. Export
  6. Target
  7. Create Quote or Activity (Inventory Only)
customertraxSearch Results – Smart Grid