Searching Opportunities

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Opportunities can be used to keep track of items the customer wants but is not currently in stock. The Opportunity status ‘Searching’ has unique functionality to help you find the machine you’re looking for. It also increases exposure to all Handle users, creating the ability to see what equipment other salesman might be looking for.

Searching Opportunities find matching equipment in the following areas:

  1. Dealer Inventory
  2. Customer Equipment marked for ‘Trade-In’
  3. Active JDQuote2™ ‘Trade-Ins’

‘Matching’ uses the following fields in your Handle Opportunity to find equipment:

  • Category (not required)
    • This is a customizable list CustomerTRAX support staff can help you put in place.
    • Appropriate to your business system, this matches on Variant/Category.
  • Type (not required)
    • New or Used
  • Model (required)
    • Free text search capable of handling multiple values.
    • Separated with a ” ” [space] or “,” [comma].
  • Amount (not required)
    • This amount entered will be extended to a ±% threshold.
    • This ±% threshold is configurable.
    • Example: If set to 25%, a $100 opportunity would match $75-$125.


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