Security and access

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Users can be given several levels of access rights depending on their duties and position. Each form can be setup separately for each user. They can:

  1. View / Edit
  2. Create
  3. Archive
  4. View archived
  5. Restore Archived
  6. Mass Edit
  7. Manage drop-down values
  8. View other Owners
    1. Accounts
    2. Forms
    3. Calendar
    4. Feeds
    5. Search and Reports
  9. Edit other Owners


Field level security

View – Create management only fields in Handle that can only be viewed by those members with the correct access. This can be used to hide privileged information or keep the view clean for teams/users that do not need certain data.

Edit – Allow only certain users or team members to edit a specific field. Often used with Status for approval processes. Restricting Edit rights but allowing View access is a good way to share important information while still maintaining checks and balances.

Required – This is set per form, per field. Not available to be set per user. Fields can be required or not required.


customertraxSecurity and access