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Standard Server License

This includes the loading of all data and setup for the following modules.

Hardware is provided by the Dealer or hosted at JDO.

  • D.B.S. Data Modules: (Account, Equipment, Financial, Invoice, Inventory, Notes)
  • JDQuote Integration (Accounts, Inventory)
  • Standard CRM Entities (Alerts, Sales Calls, Cases, Notes, Opportunities, and Tasks)
  • Keyword Search – Google like account search against DBS and prospect records
  • Advanced Search – Construct complex custom searches and save them
  • Activity List – Define & save reports on Alerts, Calls, Cases, Notes, Opportunities, and Tasks
  • Mapping – Google Map and Excel integration with advanced searches
  • Target – Use your DBS and prospect lists to create Targets and assign responsibility
  • Calendar – Displays pending and completed calls and tasks (management access available)
  • Notifications – Notify anyone internally about standard or custom entities
  • Automation – Alerts and notifications. (Rules based Automated Alerts, Notifications, Calls, etc.)
  • Reports – Report library (custom reports available upon request)
  • Mobility Apps – Android and iOS for Full licenses (Inventory and CRM)
  • Handle Agent  – Read only access (VoIP and updates require Platinum Care)



Platinum Server License

The following modules are provided in addition to Enterprise modules listed above.

  • Handle Agent VoIP phone system integration
  • Handle Agent two way updates
  • Customer Portal
  • Custom CRM Entities (forms). Available upon request (billable)
  • Handle Framework Customizations (forms) – Available upon request (may be billable)
  • This includes any and all customizations to existing or custom forms.
customertraxServer License