Setting Up Drivers and Vehicles

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Manage all your Trucks, Drivers, and Requests for deliveries in Handle.

Drivers can be setup in Handle with the help of the CustomerTRAX Support Team.

Trucks can be created from the main navigation bar or in a Delivery Request. Typically, a select group of users have the ability to setup Trucks and the entire existing fleet is created at launch. New Trucks can be created at any time, when new vehicles are added, or edited as old trucks are decommissioned. Once the fleet is in Handle, Trucks can be linked to Delivery Request for scheduling. The Delivery Request is also where the Driver is assigned.

The default Truck form is shown below. It contains a number of standard fields and groups to link information with minimal data entry e.g. Delivery Requests or Attachments. If you have a Handle Platinum license this form can be customized. Contact CustomerTRAX to find out more.

  1. All fields listed below can be required before saving and are available in our advanced search.
    1. Account
    2. Status
      1. (no value)
      2. In Service
      3. Out of Service
      4. Deprecated
    3. Truck Number
    4. Type
      1. (no value)
      2. Semi Hauler
      3. Straight Truck
      4. 1 Ton
      5. Non-Revenue
      6. Other/Outside Service
    5. Tag #
    6. Description
  2. Associated groups for creating and linking information (customizable)
    1. Delivery Request
    2. Attachments
    3. Media

The Truck QuickAdd displays when selecting “New” from the Service Request. This screen has the minimal required fields to create a Truck quickly. The QuickAdd screen can be customized based on your organization’s requirements.

  1. Status
  2. Truck Number
  3. Type
  4. Tag #
  5. Description


customertraxSetting Up Drivers and Vehicles