Software Requirements

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Operating System – Windows 2012 R2

Dealer will be responsible for deploying their own Antivirus software on the Handle server. If no antivirus software is installed by the Dealer, CustomerTRAX will install Microsoft Security Essentials. CustomerTRAX will supply SQL Server 2012 Express, SQL Anywhere ODBC, and the Handle application software.

SQL Server

With more than 100 Users, SQL Server Express may not be sufficient. In this case the Dealer will be required to purchase SQL Server 2012 Standard with a license for each Handle user. Dealer will be required to purchase from their local vendor and Dealer will also need to maintain the number of licenses in accordance with Microsoft licensing rules.


Exchange Integration

Handle will integrate with the following versions of Exchange (Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, and O365)

If your Exchange Server is not self-hosted, or hosted by JDO, please verify that your Exchange provider will allow impersonation scripts to be run on our behalf.


Web Based Access

Integration with EQUIP® and other systems often requires a secure connection. CustomerTRAX requires all customers to purchase and install an SSL certificate. To access the system from outside your local internal network, you will also need a registered IP address and URL for Handle.

eg.: https://handle.[company].com.



CustomerTRAX performs nightly database backups. The Dealer is required to incorporate the backup of this file in to their own backup strategy.

customertraxSoftware Requirements