Start and Save a New Search

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

  1. Pick the module you want to searc
  2. Field options
    1. Add fields
    2. Reorder
    3. Remove (hover over field for [x] to appear)
  3. Search criteria
    1. Pre-populated lists are available for certain fields
    2. Owner/User fields will group active users and disabled users
    3. Refine search results with Search Operators
      1. Numeric range operator
      2. Dynamic range operator
  4. Click search
  5. Change display fields (Smart grid columns)
    1. Add/remove columns
    2. Reorder
    3. Adjust column width
    4. Set sort order

Save Search

  • You can customize the search grid columns to your preference, and it will save along with the search criteria in a ‘Saved Search.’
  • Once saved you can click it from the list and run it whenever you need
  • Once saved, your searches will be available on the mobile apps.
  1. Select ‘Save’
  2. Provide descriptive name
  3. Hit ‘OK’

Saved lists will display in drop-down above the search criteria

customertraxStart and Save a New Search