Streamline the request process (Service Requests)

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Your service department manages a lot of requests, work that must be done on time, and things that do not go as planned. Additional, requests can come in the form of emails, texts, written notes etc. The problem is information is almost always missing leading to a lot of wasted time and effort tracking down what should have been there the first time. Not to mention the chance of forgetting or losing something.

Providing end-to-end solutions for your customer involves working together with several team members across multiple departments. Usually each with their own processes and systems.

Handle makes it simple to work across teams and streamline processes between departments keeping everyone in the loop and all from within one system—managed on a single screen.

  • Reduce email and phone calls by submitting service requests in Handle.
  • Linked directory to the customer, equipment or inventory to reduce data entry and errors.
  • Easily look up details based on any field, i.e. PO numbers or WO numbers, without going to the Business System

**The Status, Service Location, and Labor Type fields should all be configured to match your process/preference before you implement this form.

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customertraxStreamline the request process (Service Requests)