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Tasks (Mobility license required) can sync with Exchange/Outlook. With or without syncing, tasks can be used to capture what has been done or what needs to be done on an account or a Sales Call or any activity.



  1. ‘Due Date’ – Similar to many task applications, you can set the due date for the task.
  2. ‘Owners’ – Whomever is an owner of the note will be able to make modifications to it and it will display on their home screen (left side) if the Task is active, and Due Date is on or prior to the current day.
  3. ‘Notifications’ – Useful in the case of communicating with team members and capturing that in the customer’s account. Each user notified will receive email updates regardless if they are an owner or not.
  4. ‘Status’ – As long as the task is not complete it can be edited by the owners. Once it is marked complete, it will no longer be editable and saved in the customer’s account.
  5. ‘Linking’ – All notes can be configured to link to other activity, i.e. A specific contact related to the notes/conversation, or a Sales Call or Opportunity.