Technology: The 7 Things a Solution Must Provide

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Where is your company’s most vital data stored? Is it accessible? Or is it spread across many unconnected systems? Worse yet, is it locked away in the heads of team members?

When your data isn’t easy to load and simple to extract and examine, the result is usually missed opportunities. And when you experience these technology barriers, your CRM is not going to optimize anything. Furthermore it can lead to a drop in team morale and a dent in your pocketbook.

Too often organizations focus on the functional bells and whistles of an application. But to get the biggest bang out of CRM, it is vital that your technology solution deliver on these seven core competencies to successfully develop, store, access and share data:

  1. Centralization – Minimize the time your team needs to find that they need
  2. Accessibility – Organize the information your team needs in a single screen anywhere
  3. Assignment – Assign accounts, tasks, and move on without wasting time
  4. Collection – Minimize clicks and streamline data entry for easy use
  5. Automation – Create a repeatable formula for consistency
  6. Collaboration – Keep team members connected and in the loop
  7. Extraction – Pull key information easily and quickly so you can make effective decisions

CustomerTRAX provides the tools to help your company gain consensus, evaluate technology solutions, and guide the training and education process to introduce CRM; along with scorecards to measure how your a technology solution could or is working for you.

We invite you to learn more about our Handle CRM Framework technology and how it can help your business get the most out of your CRM functionality. Contact CustomerTRAX to see how Handle Framework can deliver smart, simple and speedy CRM solutions—and visit to view a demonstration of our Handle Framework.

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customertraxTechnology: The 7 Things a Solution Must Provide