The 6 Things You Must Stop Doing Now

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Companies are complex — made of team members offering differing views and ideas.

This is a challenge when implementing a CRM application. The foundation of a successful CRM implementation is for team members to come together to understand, agree and cooperate on how — and most importantly why —  they will use the application.

The first step to achieving consensus is to focus on a philosophy that emphasizes that the organization acts as a developer instead of a tracker.

So, what is a developer?

Developing organizations  use information coach and create future plans with team members that generate valuable insights for their customers ,

Businesses that are trackers, however, use data for all the wrong reasons: like reviewing past activity — and as a result, become fixated on what personnel did not do. Far too often, companies go down this dangerous path.

CustomerTRAX guides a process to help businesses effectively adopt and embrace the CRM application — and move toward becoming Developers.

This strategy is based on the following core themes that combat the danger of failed implementation:

  1.  Stop measuring success based on how much you use of a CRM application. Targeted approaches, requiring small changes can result in big, positive changes.
  2. Stop ignoring the biggest threats facing your company — most importantly, don’t pretend team members understand how to address those issues.
  3. Stop Pushing for Quantity— Requiring 100 sales calls a day does not guarantee results if those calls lack a strategy.
  4. Stop Focusing on the Past — Reminding your team of previous failed goals increases disengagement and dysfunction.
  5. Stop Pushing Employees — Your team will not buy into a CRM solution by being forced into using it — they need an incentive to embrace it, and agree that it’s the right solution.
  6. And finally, Stop “One and Done” Training—A static and single training approach to CRM will fail. Your team needs to learn in their own way and at a realistic pace with your support.

CustomerTRAX can help your organization adopt CRM the right way — and to get started, we invite you to contact us about our Consensus workbook to learn more and measure whether your company is on its way to becoming a Developer — so it can start acting and planning for future success.

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customertraxThe 6 Things You Must Stop Doing Now