Streamlining the Request Process

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The hub of any sales industry is the service department. It is the frontline for reputation and credibility. If a customer request is mishandled, the entire team feels the effects.

With the advent of online ordering, requests are being delivered at a record pace. We did a quick search for the volume of sales that Amazon receives (as an example) and the first number that popped up was 35 orders per second or 1.1 billion sales requests per year.

While your company’s service department may not be receiving quite that volume – the experience is similar and streamlining the request process is fundamental.

Fulfillment requests come in by email, text, handwritten notes, and phone calls How does a service department effectively manage those requests? Products or services must be delivered on time – and as we all know there is some universal law that occasionally trips us up to ensure that things do not go as planned. Information is lost or mismanaged which leads to wasted time and effort for something that should have been easily accessible.Mismanagement translates to decreasing profit margins.

The Handle CRM platform provides end-to-end integration between the client and team members across multiple departments. Everyone is on the same page – at each step of the process and notifications are sent out to the entire team during the service request process.

Handle makes streamlining processes across teams and multiple departments – keeping everyone in the loop with one system managed on a single screen.

Instead of multiple avenues for receiving service requests, the service department will receive trackable requests through the Handle platform reducing data entry errors. All orders are linked directly to the customer. In addition any member of the team can easily look up details based on any field created in the platform. Data is searchable by PO or WO numbers without going to the business system.

Handle CRM streamlines the service request process so that the hub of your  company will not only be prepared to receive 35 orders per second but will effectively fulfill each and every one.

customertraxStreamlining the Request Process