Tracking Partners (Agronomy, Nutrition)

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Alongside the Accounts Organizational and Purchasing Profile, Scorecard, and Plan, you can associate and track Partners. Partners are any third party, such as Agronomists or Nutritionists, that work in tandem with your customers to benefit their business.

Create Partner

Creating a new Partner is similar to creating other activities in Handle (Creating a new Activity). Partners can be created from the main navigation bar, an account, or activities, such as Account Plan.

  1. Select [+] button from navigation bar
  2. Choose Partner
  3. Fill in Contact info and Address Details
  4. Link Partner to one or more Accounts
    1. Viewing an existing Partner will display all the Accounts to which the Partner is linked

Linking Existing Partner to Account

  1. Open an Account
  2. Expand Profile group
  3. Use type-ahead search or drop-down select list

Search and reporting

You can search, report, and export based on Partner information using Handle Advanced search.

  1. Select Partner from Navbar
  2. Create search
  3. Available fields to search by and display in grid
    1. Address Name
    2. Alt Phone
    3. Business Name
    4. City
    5. Country
    6. County
    7. Created on
    8. Email
    9. Fax
    10. First
    11. Last
    12. Middle
    13. Mobile
    14. Preferred Contact Method
    15. Primary Phone
    16. State
    17. Street 1
    18. Street 2
    19. Street 3
    20. Title
    21. Type
    22. Zip
  4. Any saved searches automatically display on mobile apps


customertraxTracking Partners (Agronomy, Nutrition)