Tracking vs. Developing – The 2 Buckets

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Once upon a time a company decided to adopt a CRM application….

But this company encountered big trouble along the way. And unlike many fairy tales, “happily ever after” is never a sure thing when implementing CRM.

The first mistake this company made was paying too much attention to their own breadcrumb trail. They started along the road, not looking ahead toward potential success— but instead looking behind, focusing on what personnel did not accomplish.

They became “Trackers” — and Trackers never find the road to happy CRM implementation.

So how do you know if you’re on the way to becoming a Tracker? For one, Trackers often think copying another business’ successful CRM plan will work for them — but often these best practices don’t translate across organizations.

Here are the other major “Tracker Warning” signs to beware of:

First, there are consensus barriers: a business selects a CRM product  — without consulting team members. What’s more, they do not truly understand how they will use it, and most importantly, why they are using CRM.

Then, the company creates Education barriers by conducting a long, grueling, one-day training session that overloads team members, leaving them exhausted and disengaged.

From there come Technology barriers: the organization mandates that team members make it a priority to enter all sorts of data — like customer profiles, daily calls, opportunities, etc. And here is where a big problem comes in: Instead of using all the data to create plans for action, very little is done with it— other than measure what was missed.

When personnel aren’t clear why they are using CRM, and when the data they are entering is only being used to reprimand them, the end result is confusion, rejection — and ultimately resentment among team members.

A company lost in the deep, dark woods of CRM confusion. Luckily for this young company, they chose to take the trip with CustomerTRAX.

CustomerTRAX works to steer companies to a positive and effective CRM implementation and adoption method. This process addresses the 3 problem areas that derail most implementation processes: Consensus, Technology, and Education.

Our workbooks and scorecards are designed to combat these issues to create Developing organizations—to help establish a business culture where organizations use data and information to plan for future success.

Learn more about dodging the barriers to successful CRM adoption your company can implement for CRM adoption with fairytale-like success.



customertraxTracking vs. Developing – The 2 Buckets