Update Account info and sync with business system

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Entering customer information into multiple systems is cumbersome and leads to conflicting and outdated data.

Updating information in Handle is simple, and it syncs with your business system. New information and updates only need to be entered once, and it will be up-to-date in all systems

  • You can (if configured) update account information in Handle and it will write back to your business system.
  • If the field allows you to click and edit the value, you have permission to update and save. If the field is locked, you will not be able to edit the value.
  • Locked fields are light grey, editable fields are white.
  • You can still select the text in a locked field to use for Copy/Paste functions.

You can use your keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste data from other applications:

  • COPY = [ctrl] + C
  • PASTE = [ctrl] + V


Add Additional Information to an Account

  • While in the the account screen, you can click [New] to add information to an account.
  • For example (shown below), equipment the customer owns:

** To write this added piece to EQUIP, you’ll need to add [Reg No] and [Franchise], these are required by EQUIP.


customertraxUpdate Account info and sync with business system