User Menu Options

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

The User Menu provides user settings and customization options. Select your user name to toggle menu open/closed.

  • Refresh – Refreshes your handle session, updates data and settings from server.
  • OpenID – If enabled/configured, you can log into Handle with Google credentials.
  • Updates, Help, Training – Links to CustomerTRAX website.
  • Change Password – Change your Handle password
  • Logout – Logout

Customize navbar menu

Every form has its own list view; everything can be searched. (advanced search)

  1. Hover over the Search menu bar
  2. Select the gear icon
  3. Check/uncheck items to show or hide them in the header navbar
  4. Drag and drop items to reorder


Password Policy on Logon screen

If your dealership has chosen to put a password policy in effect, the rules will display on the change password screen.

customertraxUser Menu Options