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Inconsistent or lack of follow-up leads to decreased customer loyalty, ultimately resulting in missed opportunities and decreased sales.

Keep track of your assigned accounts, so you can follow-up regularly outside of the buying cycle. Get in front of your customer’s decision, provide better solutions, and cut the number of calls to close a deal in half.

  • By default, all users have a saved search called ‘My Assigned’, which is preloaded in Handle. This will list all accounts you are assigned to.
  • You can also create this list by using the [Record Manager] search field.
  • You can further refine your list by adding additional search fields i.e. city, county, etc.

Additionally, set up a list of accounts by City, Assigned Salesperson, or Overdue Accounts–essentially, organize the information however you like, but set up the lists in advance; so that you can pull these lists weekly and review. Creating actual objectives to know what you are going to talk about so you can close the sale quicker with higher customer satisfaction.

Saved searches from the desktop will be available on Mobile Handle CRM App


Account List – Search Examples

  • How do I search for anyone who owns a certain product?
    • Use Search fields that are labeled with (Equipment).
  • Can I list all accounts in a particular county or AOR?
    • You can use any of the location or address fields to create customer lists.
  • How do I report on customers with outstanding balances?
    • AR data from your business system can be used as search fields.


customertraxView assigned account list