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Struggling to quickly access, update, and share customer updates with your team? The Handle Agent runs quietly in the background and integrates with your phone system. It will pop up when a call comes in, displaying the account of the customer calling. With just a click of a button you can search for accounts, keep multiple accounts open in tabs, and access equipment details.

Handle Agent is a small, lightweight desktop application for Windows. It runs in the system tray and allows you to search and interact with Accounts and Prospects without the need for an open browser window.

Handle Agent is available to all Handle customers and users (Download Agent)

If integrated with your phone system, Handle Agent can respond to incoming calls and call transfers with an on screen pop-up, commonly referred to as a “Call Pop” or “Screen Pop”

Integration with your phone system and two way updates through the agent are available to Handle Platinum customers


VoIP Integration

Instructions for JTAPI-compatible systems

Please verify with your VOIP provider that your system is compatible with JTAPI or that you are using JDConnect. If the answer is yes to either, please follow these instructions to configure your system.

  1. Create an application user for Handle and register the application user with VoIP Call Manager/Server
  2. Register new or existing device with VoIP Call Manager/Server
  3. Configure a phone number for this Device
  4. Select this device as controlled for our Application User
  5. Open network ports between VOIP and Handle Server
  6. Send the following information to support@customertrax.com
  7. VoIP Call Manager/Server IP Address
  8. Application User name
  9. Application User Password



Instructions for JTAPI-incompatible systems

If your system does not support JTAPI, it will need to be able to construct a HTTP Request based on their extension and incoming call information and pass it to the Handle serve

  1. Configure the system to send the following HTTP Request to the Handle server


  • [phoneNumber]: the incoming phone number without dashes, parentheses or spaces
  • [extension]: the user’s extension (without dashes, parentheses or spaces)
  • [pass]: the secure password provided by CustomerTRAX
  • [ctrax.somedealer.com]: the url you use to access Handle


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